Move large files securely.

Send files to anyone easily. Up to 10GB. End-to-end encrypted.

Share anything with Encl. Privacy guaranteed.

We are sending a lot of files everydays, some contain business secrets, some include personal information. An easy and secure way to transfer files is needed. We build Encl for that.

Share with anyone. Access instantly.

Share your files with anyone, the receiver can access the file from any device through the secure link. No account is needed. Preview shared files instantly.

Optional password for the secure link. Auto delete when reaching the time or download limit. Nothing is left on the web.

Break free from the size limitation of email attachment. Upload folders and multiple files in one go. Neat and tidy.

Track the links if opened. Knowing when and who read your files. You can turn off access anytime to take back control.

Establish professional branding  

Add company logo and choose corporate colour to the link you shared. Enhance brand building and have a professional image whenever you send a file to your customer.

Send with Encl

Sending important documents like financial statements, commercial agreements, tender etc., need the best protection. Send with Encl can make sure that you and the designated receiver are the only parties in the world that can reach those documents as they are protected by end-to-end encryption.

You may send thousands of emails to your clients or potential clients every week. But, you have no idea about the conversion rate, you don't know who viewed your message. If you use Encl, you know who has clicked the well designed leaflet, read the latest promotion, notice the release of a new product. So you can further talk to those who showed initial interest. And when they click the link you sent them, a well designed page showing your company logo and corporate colour is a powerful brand building tool.

Let’s say you send out your pitch deck to a dozen VCs that you’re trying to get investment. You send your deck, wait and hesitate about when and who to send a followup message. With Encl, you can have more control. Encl tracks when and who the deck was opened and viewed, you can decide your follow up actions more easily and precisely.

Privacy by default

Encl end-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you're sending the file to can read what's sent, and nobody in between, not even Encl. Your files are secured with strong encryption, and only the recipient and you have the unique decryption keys needed to unlock and read your files. All of these are by default, and you don’t need to flip any setting to turn it on.

No matter if you want to protect confidential information or want to enjoy some privacy on the internet, Encl is the best tool for you to send your files to anyone.


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Brings end-to-end encryption to every transfer. Send large files to anyone easily, no account is needed. And it is free.

  • End-to-end encrypted file transfer
  • Send up to 1GB per transfer
  • Expires after 7 days
  • Transfer to up to 10 people
  • Password protection
  • Revoke access
  • Instant document preview
  • Track number of views
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Best for professionals and businesses to share confidential files. Get actionable insights to boost sales efficiency.

  • Includes all Personal Plan features
  • Send up to 10GB per transfer
  • Choose when transfers expire
  • Transfer to unlimited people
  • Custom branding
  • Get notified when the link is opened
  • Access tracking
  • Gmail and Outlook add-ons
  • Chat and email support
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